Oh, dear, God…do enclosures even matter?

I need to buy an enclosure for one of the 2.5″ drive mechanisms that have been rattling around my desk for the past couple of weeks.

This morning, I got a press release announcing a new enclosure from Other World Computing. There it is. Twenty bucks. I’ll probably buy it.


Because I really just don’t care.

At times like these, I truly despise the Web. There are indeed some truly great enclosures on the market. I suppose. I dunno. I seem to remember that OWC also has a pretty keen combo enclosure that does USB 2 and FW800. But I wonder if I can muster up the motivation to actually look for it?

Okay, fine, here it is. And it’s a real dilly. I have the predecessor to this one, which does USB and FW400. I like its construction, it seems to be nicely shock-equipped, and it’s heatsinked as well.

I’m just not sure I care enough to spend more than eighty dollars on a top-of-the-line pocket enclosure.

Have I communicated the theme yet? I don’t care. I want a box that I can slide the mechanism in. I want to spend, I dunno, maybe twenty bucks. I like that the enclosure I heard about in my morning mail is cheap, I like that I can get it in black, and I like that the access light is on the top so I don’t have to lean my head down to desktop-level to peep out the activity status of the drive.

But other than that?

Right. You’re way ahead of me.

Here’s where the Internet fails you. If you search Amazon for enclosures, you’ll turn up dozens of models, all of which look pretty much identical, most of which have the sort of names that make you wonder just how much of the OEM price lands in the pockets of Croatian organized crime figures. I like saving money but can I trust my data to an enclosure that costs less than a Big Mac Extra Value Meal?

There are times for benchmarks. There are times for projections of performance and convenience. There are times to scrutinize tables in tech sheets, and ask very, very close questions about the USB controller chip and is it a Revision B or a Revision C?

And then there are the times when the phrase “To hell with it” is scarcely sufficient. A pocket hard drive enclosure?

Tell me it isn’t made from Rice Krispies Treat material and that I won’t need to hook it up to a lantern battery to make the drive work. Other than that, I’m good.

Oh! And make it black. I want it in black.

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